Funds for Moldova’s LPA

We recall in the program developed by IDEP Moldova from 2013 the following events took place:
1. Carrying out 3 forums (national, regional and international) in order to create interest and cooperation between mayors for joint projects;
2. Modular seminars for developing projects with repayable and non-refundable financing for more than 200 mayors in the country;
3. Developed strategic partnerships with Euroregions in the country with which public administrations in the country subsequently created Partenreiate for various local and cross-border development projects;
4. Organized training in the period 2013-2015 to the theme of public-Private partnerships with the participation of more than 120 mayors in the country;
5. Realities 3 national research on local and regional challenges for LPA for further regionalisation;
6. Developed the Performance Identification Tool (KPI) of LPA;
7. Submitted a civic initiative for establishing the function of project Manager and attracting investment in every LPA in Moldova that was discussed in the parliamentary Committee (22 January 2013) with the answer that it is in the competence of LPA within the budget limit Available, not granted an additional unit;
8. Organized theoretical-practical seminars in collaboration with EcoRazeni on Social entrepreneurship with LPA representatives in the country, especially mayors;
9. Surveyed more than 200 projects subsequently to be submitted for financing (grant, credit or PPP);
10. Expertise of Socio-economic development strategies of localities, in over 120 localities in the country;