ECIPES27 Concept

European Green Deal is the major objective of the EU. This fact is caused by climate change that affects the lives of all Europeans and not only, EU always demonstrates its leadership by assuming risks and costs by establishing standards. The big challenge in the greening process is to involve society, which can become an important trigger that will motivate key stakeholders to become more responsible. Digital and ecological transition, create the necessary framework for the long-term development of a responsible society, that will ensure for the next generations  — a friendly environment for a healthy life. This is also is the aim of the new Bauhaus Inititiative launched recently by the European Commission – to bring the EU Green Deal into citizens’ physical space. This aim can be achieved by using the ECIPES Program adopted for EU 27 – ECIPES27.

ECIPES27 is a €29,375 billion temporary recovery instrument that IDEP Moldova purpose to the European Commission, that can be implemented directly by European Commission, in order to help repair the immediate economic and social damage brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. It is purposed to ensure direct contact between European Commission and EU citizens, mayors and youth based on online platform and e-signature.

ECIPES27 with €29.375 billion in grants available to support reforms and investments undertaken by EU countries. The aim is to demonstrate that European Commission as a leader, offer a best practice to all EU27 that can replicate the same programs on a national level. EU citizens, mayors and youth, by ECIPES27 will have the possibility to apply directly to European Commission, obtaining support for specific green projects.

ECIPES 27 Program Concept is purposed to the European Commission for implementation, as a direct measure of Recovery and Resilience Facility from European Commission directly to EU citizens, mayors and EU future – Young Generation!

Simultaneously with EU27 National Recovery and Resilience Projects, European Commission could offer directly financial support for specific eco projects to each EU citizen, the mayor and youth, support to overcome this challenging time, using practices of the ecological and digital transition.

Based on the ECIPES27 — EU will bring support to the citizens’ house, locality and stimulate SME’s, all of this by eco components projects familiarizing all stakeholders with EU Green Deal in a physical space, as a purpose new Bauhaus Initiative.

This program is purposed to be realized by EC in November 2021- November 2022 with a total budget €29,375 Billion.

  • Utilization and Renewal of Home Appliances within EU countries — 35 million citizens/household beneficiaries, that constitute up to 17% total of EU population. Total budget €7 Billion.

The utilization of old home appliances is a big EU challenge because it can produce a negative impact on ecology, but thanks to ECIPES can increase the number of customers for enterprises that utilize electric appliances. Thanks to the renewal of the Home Appliances to the most energy-efficient will obtain more than 5,25 GW green per Year at the EU level, which is an important indicator in the established scope of the EU Green Deal.

  • Start-UP EU Youth — 1 million EU citizens 18-25y.o. EU citizen in EU country. 2 types of grants:

— €15.000 — an eco start-up in service field 500 000 beneficiaries approx. €7,5 Billion and

— €25.000 — an eco start-up in production field 500 000 beneficiaries approx. €12,5 Billion.

Total budget €20 Billion.

The instrument will ensure best practice and guidance for profitable eco-start-ups in order to avoid the bankruptcy of youth, which is a big risk for an unexperimented person. For this scope will be provided concrete examples of available eco-SMEs as best practices for possible replication.

Smart-Eco EU Municipalities — 47500 EU Municipalities’ — €50.000 for Smart-Eco project based on best practice from Smart-Eco project realized by Municipality. Approx. 50% of EU Municipalities’. Total budget €2,375 Billion.

The instrument will permit to change of the formal collaboration framework based on concrete activities focused on local priorities and its citizens. The platform will offer efficient best practice eco-smart projects, with a possibility to purpose individual proposals, but which standardizes everything at EU level and contributes to reducing discrepancies, creating cohesion within EU countries by similar smart-eco projects in house, locality and SME of citizens.

By Utilization and Renewal of Home Appliances within EU countries production will help to strengthen the strategic independence of EU industries, by invigorating consumption, by preserving and creating new jobs, which will become an important element of the Circular Economy at the level of the EU. By ECIPES27, EU will help up to 17% of citizens to make economies up to €150 per year for every beneficiary household, 1M of young citizens to launch an eco-start-up and up to 50% of municipalities to realize one Smart and Eco project based on best practice.

By Start-UP EU Youth – at least 1 mln new eco-start-ups will create at least 2,5 mln workplaces of youth in EU, by this reducing youth unemployment and enforcing them to become more implicated in development, social issues and building of greener and more sustainable future.

By Smart-Eco EU Municipalities – 50% of EU municipalities will implement at least one smart&eco project on the local level, by this making possible replication on scalable EU level of green&digital&smart solutions!

The ECIPES27 program comes with the following innovations: digitization (online platform in Brussels ecipes27), Social Policy (by reducing administrative costs to a maximum of 3-5% for Monitoring and Evaluation), European Green Deal (reducing electricity consumption), will reduce the frustration of the citizens (through European support in the citizen’s house, the citizen’s business and the locality where the citizen lives), improving employment rate among youth (support for launching a youth business), eliminating the fraud of European funds (by a transparent method of online application, offering a number of current application ant total available), the efficiency of support process at the EU27 as a directive(thanks to the same approach and online platform will reduce terms for realization, ensuring maximum transparency that will influence improved ecological indicators at the EU level).

ECIPES27 breakdown

Utilization and Renewal of Home Appliances within EU countries — €7 billion

Start-UP EU Youth — €20 billion

Smart-Eco EU Municipalities — €2.25 billion

Figures per country

Smart-Eco EU Municipalities / Start-UP EU Youth / Utilization and Renewal of Home Appliances within EU countries.

ECIPES27 concept

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REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the financial rules applicable to the general budget of the Union, one of the basic elements for ensuring the direct support of ECIPES27 Program

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Written Question addressed by 10 Honorable MEP (RO, PL, SL, SK, CY, DK, DE, GR, PT) to the attention of the European Commission regarding ECIPES27.

The written question was addressed by Honorable MEP Tudor Ciuhodaru.

Written Question addressed by 3 Honorable MEP (BG, RO, SL) to the attention of the European Commission regarding ECIPES27.

Key Stakeholders’ Debate on ECIPES27 Concept, 27th May 2021.

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