We invite you to
public debate
on May 10, 2018

The Dniester coast

Dear citizens,
The existence of one or another tourist, sports, recreation complex is determined by necessity. If we create interest, we will inform local decision-makers about necessity, there is a chance that some of us dreams of having a unique recreational area for the whole family will appear.
Please refer to other countries where there are so complex software-based investments and believe it is possible!
While parents are fishing or sitting at the beach, children have fun at the roller drom, climbing trees or boundering, then sailing by being guided along a trail set on a tourist path, sleeping in a camping area that also has a water table, and zone, in particular in the info centers there are also shops selling products necessary for hiking. Everyone who has children is sure to want to go with their children not only in the park, the cinema or the cinema, but also in hiking to develop their children’s behavioral skills under specific conditions, within the nature.
We aim to:
1. Discuss with our mayors (including Facebook live) of these 7 localities this complex project, create interest or disinterest.
2. According to the feedback of all to establish the mechanism of realization: Tasks — Feasibility Study — Public tender establishing a private partner — and in 12-24 months benefit!
3. We create the precedent for the new development mechanism at local and regional level.
Participation is free of charge, and registration is mandatory to ensure that everyone is provided with material, including all logistical moments.

The public debate agenda cluster Cliff facet

Nistrean, Anenii Noi.
May 10, 2018, hotel Bristol, Chisinau.

14:00 Presentation of the concept of the developed cluster tourism project
Nistrean Faleza, Iurie Cale, IDEP Moldova
14:15 Presentation of the Serpeni concept, Mayor Elena Nicolaev
14:20 Presentation of the Telita concept, Primary Rodica Rusu
14:25 Presentation of the Calfa concept, Mayor Ludmila Ceaglic
14:30 Presentation of Gura Bicului concept, Mayor Lilia Brehnova
14:35 Presentation of the Delacau concept, Mayor Gheorghe Reabov
14:40 Question and answer round
15:00 Conclusions and completion

All the information presented will be placed on the transparent idep.md platform later
the communication on the results of the debate will be placed transparently on
socialization, including civic.md to ensure transparency.

Every opportunity to launch in business within the proposed tourist class is
available with direct connection to the address of the mayoralty. Inform the city hall about
the interest in investing in a certain project within the tourist class, and the city hall
then will be motivated to develop the documents to initiate a direct dialogue
ensuring the transparent component for competitive dialogue. The variant of
development of each objective within the proposed tourism class can be through
the mechanism of Public-Private Partnership projects or other legal possibilities
ensures cooperation between the public and private environment (rent, concession, etc.)


The Appeal of Civil Society Organizations and the 7 Mayors of the Anenii Noi District on
supporting the efforts to create a turf classifier Dniester Faleza.
Civil society organizations in partnership with Local Public Administrations, finds the situation in
which ludic development at the regional level requires a more active involvement of the business environment
who has access to solid financial products while at the same time possessing the know-how
necessary for capitalizing on the regional heritage.
It is obviously the irrelevance of the existence of local projects, which is why the classification is a
a solution developed by expert groups — exponents of civil society in partnership with mayors
APLs in the Anenii Noi region. In this respect we, IDEP Moldova together with the mayoralties
Delacău, Speia, Telita, Calfa, Gura Bâcului, Şerpeni and Puhăceni we have identified the enormous potential
which the area has in terms of tourism by exploring the authentic places of which
has that area. The soft infrastructure needed to build a 7 beach network
natural parking, 7 parking spaces, 3 zones of boundering, 2 skatepark areas, 3 fishing areas, 7 offices
information with commerical products, 7 camping areas, 3 areas of attractions
landscapes, a 35 km long trail with established trail and guides trained about
the cultural vestiges of each of the seven localities in the proposed class.
The impact of a project of this magnitude would be:
1. The emergence of a new mechanism for addressing regional challenges;
2. Highlighting the authentic vestige offered by the mother nature that could become an attraction
tourism for tourists in the country and foreign for the authenticity of the area;
3. Possibility of establishing together with the tour operators a different tourist route
duration, occupations, including various international competitions in a single area of ​​the country;
4. Population of over 20,000 citizens from the 7 localities, including the region that could
have an alternative to actively relax with the whole family in the country;
5. The qualitative access road to the cluster offers certainty in the feasibility of the tourist network
proposed to be created;
6. Existence of attractions of international importance in the vicinity of only a few
kilometers offers confidence in the enormous potential of the area;
7. Each beneficiary who will purchase products from the area will use the services of the operators
economic administrators of clandestine attractions will help reduce migration,
sustainable economic development and the attractiveness of the area;
8. Ability to serve at the same time over 1400 people during at least 4.5 years
months annually create premises for the emergence of at least 400 sustainable jobs and o
Stable sales market with the development of new tourist services for the season;
9. The emergence of such an investment classification of investment up to 20,000 euros by 35 agents
economic reunions in an area will contribute to the emergence of new financial products for
Public and private environment co-operation for mutual benefit!
10. After the emergence of such financial products in financial institutions, interest will be created
business environment for public-private cooperation common benefits!
11. Once in the range of possible entrepreneurs’ business, PPP will begin
a new era in sustainable development based on effective economic principles!
12. Benefits: State — infrastructure, jobs and local marketing market; business —
new field of activity; Citizens — hope tomorrow at home here!

Details and description on https://idep.md/faleza-nistreana/
Signatories to the statement
IDEP Moldova, Calestru Iurie
Delacău City Hall, Gheorghe Reabov
Speia City Hall, Vitalie Coteţ
Teliţa City Hall, Rodica Rusu
Calfa City Hall, Ludmila Ceaglâc
City Hall Gura Bâcului, Lilia Brehnova
Serpeni Town Hall, Elena Nicolaev
Puhãceni Town Hall, Denis Plamadeala
Tourism Development Association in Moldova, Miron Viorel