European Commissioner on Citizens Voice.

European Commissioner on Citizens Voice.

EU citizens have the chance to get their own Commissioner, a position which will favorites instant dialogue between them and the institution, making possible to have a different approach, more focused surveys and a better understanding of citizens’ expectations.

The portfolio of the European Commissioner on Citizens’ Voice, given that it will be occupied by an expert with NGO’s roots, will be become an important amplifier for the voice of EU citizens. In the aim to avoid creating unnecessary administrative costs, this mandate could be attributed to the portfolio of an existing Commissioner while providing the appropriate tools for their work.

This should be the opportunity for EU citizens to get involved continuously in political life and decisions, being empowered to call on the European institutions to take action when important, in policy areas where the EU has competence.

This could be ideally supported by creating an online platform for EU citizens, providing them direct access to the European Commission (similar to MEP’s mechanism of written questions). Using European Digital Identity, the EU Citizens’ by could register a question for the European Commission; express their support for different projects and also to get back a response from their Commissioner.

This platform for dialogue and information is based on big data and AI, helping all stakeholders on a daily basis to stay informed on EU citizens’ feedback on a standardized form for all EU countries, focusing on citizen’s challenges. Depending on the topic, area of competencies and region, of the signatories, the European Commission and MEP’s would establish their priority in actions.

Concept here.

Road Map and Framework here.

Letter to the attention of European Commissioners

Written Question in European Parliament regarding this concept.

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