27 mai 2021. Dezbatere în Parlamentul European privind conceptul ECIPES27.

Key Stakeholders’ Debate on ECIPES27 Concept. European Parliament, Brussels, 27th May 2021.

Key Stakeholders’ Debate on ECIPES27 Concept.
Where: European Parliament, Brussels.
When: 27th May 2021, 16.30-18.30 CET.
2 Hours Debate with the participation of an honorable audience.
We invited Honorable participants to give us feedback on ECIPES27 from:
– Members of the European Parliament;
– EU Affairs Expert (20+ years experience);
– International Expert on digital solutions for Governments (35+ years experience);
– Expert Evaluator- European Commission – Business Plans and Social Entrepreneurship (12+ years experience);
– Representant of Municipalities and Regional Authorities (30+ years experience);
– Alumni Young Ambassador and University Teacher in the field of Environmental Law (3+ years experience);
– Environmental Expert (20+ years experience).
Întrevedere cu conducerea BERD privind ECIPES
Cu susținerea mai multor organizații, ne-am adresat conducerii Comisiei Europene solicitând aprobarea programului ECIPES.