Conference UNUSED public spaces — COOPERATION PLATFORM for solar farms. IDEP Moldova. 5.XI.2018. Business Centre Forum

We invite as a speaker solutions or participant to

Conference UNUSED public spaces — COOPERATION PLATFORM for solar farms

Concept Conference UNUSED public spaces — COOPERATION PLATFORM for solar farms. IDEP Moldova. 5.XI.2018. Business Centre Forum

We hereby invite you to participate on November 5, 2018 at a special event challenges future generations Conference UNUSED public spaces — COOPERATION PLATFORM for solar farms. Will identify challenges that stand in the way to ensure a more friendly environment, local policy measures that can help reduce CO2 emissions, measures will inevitably contribute to a higher quality of life.

Where did the idea appeared? Institute for Development and Expertise Project is an NGO formed by a team of consultants to draft local and regional development.  In partnership with AO Rural Renaissance is an NGO involved in rural development and clean environment through various projects. Unlocking the potential of green energy as a factor of sustainable local development, clean environment, reducing migration and potentially attract major investment sector.

Why did the idea?

Ecology is an important factor for sustainable development. However, potential eco energy sector is not developed in Moldova is an important one.

What is expected after the Conference?

Creating a framework for cooperation, discussion and debate challenges facing the development of green energy on a larger scale. Each will express their opinions, pain, expectations and provide scenarios of strengthening eco energy sector.

Why IDEP and Rural Renaissance?

We believe that rural underdevelopment of cities creates favorable conditions for the topic of green energy to become a catalyst for local and regional development. Initiatives from bottom to top, a transparent discussed can be a platform assembly of the parties involved (stakholderi).

Who will participate?

Individuals and companies interested in the theme of green energy, private operators (suppliers and manufacturers) equipment and solutions for energy eco organizations, technical support, economic agents operating in energy production eco banks that can provide support in project implementation energy efficiency , mayors who have interest and have locations for eco energy projects, IT and engineering companies with green energy solutions, local and central authorities, mayors whose locations are operators.

What waits after coneference?

Understanding where to start? Where is  applicable? Perspectives? Scenarios to achieve optimal? What financial packages currently exists? Discussions with people directly involved and feedback. Best practices in the region and their applicability here in Moldova. Barriers they encounter operators, developers and bidders. Because of this invitation in the region as bidders, purchasers and operators to share the experience we could forward us to assess applicability of such scenarios in some time.

Why with tickets? Organizer is an NGO which aims to gather a debate stakholder them (stakeholders) energy equipment, solutions and financial products to determine challenges and opportunities. The cost of logistical costs are necessary to cover, organizational, snacks, materials, etc.

Why is it useful to cooperate during coneference?

To determine the feasibility of achieving an eco energy project requires a comprehensive analysis of the situation, discussion with many experts in various fields who can tell about opportunities, barriers, risks, perspectives and solutions. Each being found or not this group of potential beneficiaries.

What will be the format of the conference? Discussion panel of experts invited recounting with or without presentation on a topic proposed vision on the subject. The moderator will offer the floor to the panelists, by placing possibly personal questions or room.

Impact of the conference? The outcome of the conference to create interest, discuss opinions, best practices, possibly bids from private operators in the country and region. Any interested person may form an opinion on green energy prospects as beneficiary, bidder, developer of financial bids for private operators, even investor.

Place: Chisinau, Business Center Forum, str. Metropolitan Varlaam 63/23

Date: November 5, 2018, at 9: 30-19: 00.

Communication language is Romanian, with English translation.

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Sincerely, IDEP

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