Conference Qualitative treatment and decent retirement IDEP Moldova

Concept Conference Qualitative treatment and decent retirement IDEP Moldova

November 12, 2018 Business Center forum.

Hereby, we invite you to participate on November 12, 2018, at a specialized event that will address the challenges of the system of ensuring decent treatment and qualitative retirement. We are going to identify the impediments that stand in the way of ensuring a decent life and qualitative treatment, including for the elderly, or left without support, or inability to self.

Participants in this conference will be representatives from Moldova and Romania: Economic agents in the medical field, placement centers, elderly homes, private hospitals, active mayors with spaces for such locations, rehabilitation centers, asylums Elders, representatives of the financial system – banking, insurance companies, representatives of the ministries of the profile and just citizens interested in their insured future.

Where appeared idea? Institute for Development and Expertise Project is an NGO formed by a team of consultants to draft local and regional development. Local health care is a real challenge. Migration, health care deficit, the increased number of elderly left in solitude are already a reality.

Why did the idea appeared? The tempo of developing local challenges tempo is much higher their resolution, and the experience of private operators, capital and economic potential of transparency can contribute to an increase in the quality of life of the community!

What is expected outcome? Ideas on the combination of the efforts of private operators that operates transparently and local challenges, partly on existing mechanisms and in other countries may prove a viable quality health services.

Why IDEP? There is a principle organizer, important is the involvement of private and public experts on a transparent platform where everyone can contribute to constitution a voice audible to the principles of win-win. It is a fact that challenges are too many, are stronger involvement of private operators in charge, but how?

Who will participate? Private healthcare operators, insurance companies and representatives of the banking, public actors at local and central level, citizens who care about quality of life, diaspora that has capital, knowledge and contacts in the country of current residence.

What waits after conference? Clarity. Forthcoming appearance of the proposed development perspectives and ways of more professionals private and public. Each result will leave the conference with proposals, solutions, offers, contacts, possibly even possible scenarios for various situations as needed.

Why Pay? Organizer is an NGO which aims to gather a debate stakeholder them (stakeholders) in the medical field to determine challenges and opportunities. The cost of logistical costs are necessary to cover, organizational, snacks, materials, etc.

Why is it useful to cooperate in this conference? We, as citizens benefit at some medical services and their quality directly affects our quality of life. Times change and challenges are major battle system. Be addressed and solutions practices of cooperation mechanisms transparent actors Public — Private increasing quality of life.

What will be the format of the conference? Discussion panel of experts invited recounting with or without presentation on a topic proposed vision on the subject. The moderator will offer the floor to the panelists, by placing possibly personal questions or room.

Impact of conference? The outcome of the conference to create interest, discuss opinions, best practices, possibly bids from private operators in the country and region. Any interested person may form an opinion on the prospects in the medical field as beneficiary bidder, developer of financial bids for private operators, even investor.

Perspectives? The emergence of interest in cooperation between public authorities and private operators to cooperate transparently with clear benefits together contribute to decent treatment and withdrawal qualitative

Who should attend? Persons interested in the medical field as a beneficiary, the bidders or developer. However, diaspora that has expertise and Mrs. Svetlana Carapangea working for 10 years in a private nursing home in Italy. Svetlana will also be present at the conference as a speaker, she is interested in creating a nursing hometown Causeni, with own funds or investors.

AGENDA Conference Qualitative treatment and decent retirement IDEP Moldova