Ambassador Ghana in Liberia calls for public-private partnership in the tourism sector

Ambassador Ghana noted when the Government of Liberia joined other countries around the world in commemorating the 39 anniversary of the United Nations World Day for Tourism on 27 September 2018.

The event was held in the history of Providence Island and the theme for celebrating this year is «Tourism and digital transformation».

27 September is considered World Tourism day, since the adoption of the status of the World Tourism Organisation of the United Nations on this day in the year 1970.

World Tourism Day took place in Budapest, Hungary-a country that is constantly enjoying the growth of tourism, supported by consistent political support and commitment to the digital future.

Despite the numerous neglected areas and Libya, the oldest country in Africa, has some of the world’s most historic sites, from mountains, lakes, rivers, including Providence historic Island-where the first slaves released from the United States arrived when they were Brought back to the mainland.

The island of Providence dates almost 200 years ago. It still bears some historical traits, such as the trees that the colonists and indigenous inhabitants sat down to negotiate the land and the first shaft that the settlers used to bring water.

Dancing the main speech, Ghana, Ambassador Asiedu said that tourism is one of (19659002) «I think this is why we in Liberia are gathered in this specific place, the island of Providence, which we neglected and touched so Much [because] this is a huge resource that cries for exploitation, «said Ambassador Ghana.

«She’s pregnant with unquantifiable riches, but apparently I’m not planning. Can we work to develop this immense resource through a private public partnership arrangement, deprived of careful bureaucracy and political interference? »

Ambassador Ghana noted that the sustainability of the tourism sector is essential once a carefully developed policy

According to Ambassador Asiedu, the needs, development and infrastructure incentives, human resources development, training facilities and content development, as well as incentives packages are essential for identifying The potential of the tourism sector in Liberia

He explains: domestic tourism; Starting at the sports and interschooling and inter-college games, the adoption of festivals such as the Kukatornon Peace Festival as a true national holiday inviting governments, international organisations and personalities to participate »

Renovation of existing national infrastructure, such as Ducor Palace Hotel, hotel Africa and other sites using public-private partnership arrangements, he advised.

I also read the message of the day of tourism on behalf of Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary general of the World Tourism Organisation, Chiquita A. Johnson, said that this year’s World Tourism Day highlights the need for investment in Digital disruptive technologies that can help create an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of tourism.

«Digital transformation aims to ensure benefits for all and ensure that tourism contributes to this global commitment,» she said.

Source: Frontpageafricaonline