The Public Transport Waiting Station Conference — Trading, Promotion and Sanitation Platform!

Concept of the Conference The Public Transport Waiting Station – Trading, Promotion and Sanitation Platform!

Public transport awaiting stations — trading platform, promotion and sanitation!

Draft of public transport stand — platform for commercial, communication and sanitation

Possible Model Conference Waiting Station Public Transport Conference — Trading Promotion and Sanitation Platform!

Where did the idea arise? The Institute for Project Development and Expertise is a team of consultants for local and regional development projects. We know the need to improve infrastructure in the regions. We are going to discuss various transport waiting scenarios that can be a cooperation platform for public and private actors.

Why did the idea arise? In a certain period of time and in a certain form, the stations of waiting for public transport are built. The question? How will they be? What could be embedded in these stations? What new services and products would we offer? How to ensure the durability of these stations?

What is expected in the result? There will be more services and products available for public transport stops where the interest of several stakeholders can be found. Because of this interest, any investor will know which stakeholder is interested and what cooperation prospects exist for the creation of a cooperation cluster.

Why IDEP? It is not the organizer in principle, it is important to involve private and public experts on a transparent platform where everyone can contribute to creating a win-win voice. It is a fact that there are too many challenges, followed by the stronger involvement of the responsible private operators, but how?

Who will participate? There will be local and central public authorities, representatives of trade, security, security, IT, publicity, sanitation, municipal enterprises, potential investors, and simple individuals interested in how a particular infrastructure objective can become a transparent cooperation platform stakeholders (public and private).

What is expected after the conference? Understanding that it is possible. Awareness of the fact that everyone can contribute to infrastructure that can later become a sustainable area of ​​activity for those involved for the benefit of the population in the regions, or even at national level.

Why is it paid? The organizer is a local NGO who proposes to gather a stackholder debate (stakeholders) to identify the challenges and opportunities. The cost is necessary to cover the logistical, organizational, material expenses, etc.

Why is it useful to participate in the conference? The apolitical initiatives, the bottom-up, where a challenge is to be discussed, the possibilities and probabilities set up create the premises for the emergence of a new development mechanism. So we no longer just want public transport stops, we want and we can see them equipped, repaired, maintained, with new services and products even for a fee.

What will be the format of the conference? Discussion in panel of invited specialists dealing with, or without presentation on a particular topic, its vision of the proposed subject. The moderator will give the floor to the panelists, introducing the word to the audience. The panel will discuss the potential occurrence of these stations (city, village and national road) with transparent involvement of the parties involved.

Impact of the conference? As a result of the conference, interest, opinions, good practices, offers from private operators in the country and the region will be discussed. As a result, a platform for the modernization of scenarios of modern infrastructure will be created, with investors interested in the opinion of all stakeholders.

Perspectives? The emergence of cooperation interest between public authorities and private operators to cooperate transparently with clear benefits together. Any investor will know what would be feasible, who would be involved, who would benefit and under what conditions — clearly. As a result, each stakeholder can find himself in a new field of activity for the good of the people.

Who is it? Private operators interested in new areas of activity, people interested in development, civil servants, activists, representatives of the Diaspora who might be involved in these public transport awaiting stations. Representatives from IT, security and security, commerce, sanitation, communication, and so on.

Venue: Chisinau, Business Center FORUM, 63/1 Metropolitan Varlaam Street
Date: November 19, 2018. Tickets available at
The language of communication is Romanian, with translation into or from English.

With deep respect, IDEP

Agenda of the «Public Transport Waiting Stations — Trading Platform, Communication and Sanitation Platform»

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