Conference «Unused public spaces — cooperation platform for solar farms»

Conceptul Conferinței „Spații publice neutilizate – platformă cooperare pentru ferme solare”

Concept of «Unused Public Spaces — Solar Technology Cooperative Platform»

We invite you as a solution speaker or participant in

Where did the idea arise? The Institute for Project Development and Expertise is an NGO consisting of a team of consultants for local and regional development projects. In partnership with AO Rural Revival, an NGO involved in rural development and clean environment through diverse projects. Reaping the green energy potential as a factor of sustainable local development, clean environment, reducing migration and a sector with major investment attraction potential.

Why did the idea arise?
Ecology becomes an important factor for sustainable development. At the same time, the potential of the eco-energy sector that is not developed in Moldova is an important one.

What is expected in the result?
Creating a framework for cooperation, discussion and debate on the challenges faced by the wider area of ​​green energy development. Each will expose his / her opinion, pain, expectations, and provide scenarios for enhancing the eco-energy sector.

Why IDEP and Rural Revival?
We believe that rural underdevelopment and cities create favorable conditions for this green energy theme to become a catalyst for local and regional development. The bottom-up, transparently discussed initiatives can be a meeting platform for Stakeholders.

Who will participate?
Natural and legal entities interested in the eco energy theme, private operators (suppliers and producers) eco energy equipment and solutions, technical support organizations, economic agents active in the production of eco energy, banks that can provide support in energy efficiency projects , mayors interested in and having locations for eco energy projects, IT companies and green energy engineering, local and central public authorities, mayors in whose locations there are economic operators.

What is expected after the conference?
Understanding where to start? Where is it applicable? Prospects? Best scenarios? What financial packages are there at the moment? Discussions with people directly involved and with feedback. Good practices in the region and their applicability here in Moldova. Barriers faced by operators, developers and bidders. Due to the presence of invited guests in the region as bidders, beneficiaries, as well as operators who will share the experience we could in the future evaluate the applicability to us of such scenarios over a certain period of time.

Why is it paid? Organizer is a local NGO that proposes to gather stakeholder stakeholder debate in energy, equipment, solutions and financial products to identify challenges and opportunities. The cost is necessary to cover the logistical, organizational, snack, materials, and so on.

Why is it useful to participate in the conference?
In order to establish the feasibility of a green energy project, a broad analysis of the situation is needed, a discussion with many specialists in various fields that can tell about opportunities, barriers, risks, perspectives and solutions. Everyone regrouping or not in this group of potential beneficiaries.

What will be the format of the conference? Discussion in panel of invited specialists dealing with, or without presentation on a particular topic, its vision of the proposed subject. The moderator will give a word to the panelists, introducing them, possibly personal questions or from the room.

Impact of the conference? As a result of the conference, interest, opinions, good practices, eventual offers from private operators in the country and region are being raised. Any person inter
this can form an opinion on the perspectives of the green energy field as a beneficiary, bidder, developer of financial offers for private operators, maybe even an investor.

Perspectives? The emergence of the interest of cooperation between public authorities and private operators to cooperate transparently with clear benefits together contributing to the development of the green energy and regional development sector.

Who is it? All stakeholders who are interested in participating, proposing or finding opportunities for the development of the eco-energy sector. Organizations, institutions, private operators or specialists wanting to get involved in green energy for a cleaner environment.

Details and event agenda available here

Venue: Chisinau, Business Center FORUM, 63/1 Metropolitan Varlaam Street
Date: November 5, 2018, 9: 30-19: 00. The cost includes: portfolio locations, snacks, networking.


Conferința „Spații publice neutilizate – platformă cooperare pentru ferme solare”

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