Minister of Water Resources, Engr. Suleiman Adamu, has said that the Water Resources Bill, when passed into law, would attract private sector investment as against the insinuation by stakeholders that it would hinder domestic and agricultural purposes and squarely empower the federal government to have control.

In a statement from the ministry’s website, Adamu said “It is noteworthy that the Water Resources Bill provides for the creation of an enabling environment for public and private sector investment.”

He added that the Bill “provides for capacity building processes to foster good governance while establishing a water use and licensing framework to the ensure sustainable financing for water sector development from traffics including creation of an enabling climate for increased private sector participation in service delivery under the Public Private Partnership Management contracts.”

Adamu explained further that “The National Water Resources Bill is not a new law; rather it is an amalgamation of Water Resources Laws that have been in existence as enshrined in LFN1,2004.

“The Bill provides for professional and efficient management of all surface and ground water for the use of all i.e. for domestic use, irrigation, agricultural purposes, generation of hydroelectric energy, navigation, fisheries, and recreation.”

He stressed that “The Federal Government intends to ensure that through the provisions of the law the resources of the nation are protected, used developed conserved, managed and controlled in a sustainable benefit of all in accordance with the mandate.”

He, however, appealed to stakeholders to have faith in the bill, as it is good for the overall best interest as against the notion of selfish interest.