A public-private partnership in action


The Qhubeka community, which includes major subways, business supporters and individuals around the world, gathered to raise funds for another 350 bikes for students from Orlando, Soweto.

A total of 350 students from Orlando, Soweto, recently received Qhubeka Bikes as part of the bicycle distribution program in the region. This community-wide public partnership between the City of Johannesburg, Qhubeka and various corporate and individual donors and advocates shows how partnerships can maximize impact.

«This distribution event was made possible by the city of Johannesburg and fund collectors around the world,» said Qhubeka Executive Director Tsatsi Phuweni

«The city has embarked on an ongoing bicycle program in the region, which included bike lane building and bicycle financing to help students and adults with personal transport. By bike, access to schools, clinics and jobs Qhubeka’s funders who supported Qhubeka’s team size data then allocated the city’s funds to double the number of distributed bikes, and other funding has come from businesses. »

Phaweni said it is a great example of how partnership can help move the whole community. «People in the public, private and civic sectors of South Africa and beyond have supported this program and, for this reason, these children who have been given bicycles will be able to travel more quickly to school, participate in extramural activities and have more long time to study and play

«We are very pleased to distribute more bicycles to Orlando residents in partnership with Qhubeka and their partners,» said Nonhlanhla Makhuba, Transport MMC in Johannesburg. «We believe that more bicycles we distribute in a given area, a greater rhythm and sustainability exist for the bike promotion program and certainly for individual cyclists.»

A bicycle mechanic has been trained in Orlando to provide maintenance and bicycle services when needed, which has created a new micro-enterprise opportunity. Bicycle recipients each contribute a nominal bike maintenance value to the school that finances the bike mechanic’s scholarship.

Founders who contributed to the bikes distributed in Orlando include:

Graham Spiro, the best fundraiser in the Qjubeka 5000 campaign in 2017, who attended the distribution ceremony
Stephanie Barker, student who went from Cairo to Cape Town and raised more than R100 000 for Qhubeka
Scott Mitchell, a professional photographer who bid his cycling photos at Team Dimension Data
Svein-Erik Vatle, a Norwegian cyclist who donates a Qhubeka bicycle every month
The Girona Gala, an annual dinner event organized by Nathan Haas (who walks for Qhubeka Team Dimensions) and Laura Fletcher (Cassette Media), who raised 26 bikes in 2017
Alison Gayler, who produces and sells tea towels to Eurosport, comments Carlton Kirby’s comments on «codecs» printed on them, which have raised funds for about 40 bikes by sales; and
Ruth Duke, a Dimension Dimension member of the UK, who gives a bicycle for every world tour, wins the team’s scores


We like our supporters very much, «said Phaweni.» The Orlando distribution event is a good example of how our global community helps us change bicycle life in South Africa. Our relationship with team size data for Qhubeka, the world’s first World Tour cycling team in Africa, has introduced us to new supporters and we are grateful to the team for the way they travel to raise awareness and raise funds for us. »

the idea for tea towels came to her after she saw through Team Dimension Data what a huge difference in bicycles she can have in people’s lives. «I approached Eurosport commentator Carlton Kirby, who has given permission to use her tournament data codecs to go on tea towels. Fabulous cycling fans are delighted to buy them to support this wonderful charity. We are all so lucky in our lives, so we are really happy to make a difference in the lives of cyclists, «she said.

Barker noted that he was looking to encourage dependence through charity, but she believes that offering a bicycle is a better option than a simple «brochure» (especially since Qhubeka programs generally include a work item to win or learn to win). «Since I spent four months on a bicycle, I know very well what an amazing means of transport can be. I would not have gone to many of the places I’ve done in a car or on an airplane. this does not sound like a cliché but the bike has changed my life I feel humiliated and fortunate that I managed to do Tour d’Afrique If the money I raised can give somebody even some of the joy I have come out of my own journey, I can not ask for more. »

Source: rnews