The public debate on the theme of private households combined with private medical services

The number of challenges at the local level is increasing. The lack of a quality infrastructure in the field of qualitative aging solutions in the context of a migratory avalanche of young people is a reality. Each of the elderly can confront certain challenges that may arise in the natural aging process.
The purpose of today’s public debate was to promote the possible project to be developed in Costesti, Ialoveni, where there is demand for quality medical services, even private, that is, against a cost!

The business would gain new areas of sustainable activity on the basis of a transparent mechanism.

LPAs could establish a new development mechanism involving private ownership (lease or PPP) for transparent cooperation for the benefits of modern infrastructure for the population.

Citizens would have access to modern infrastructure, even for a fee, with the right to use the right to serve the services of private operators.

It was reported the experience of a private homeless asylum employer in Romania, who reported to all present the existence of good practices. A multitude of challenges are encountered in such business, but at the same time there is increased demand from the population, the diaspora, and even from abroad for such socially-minded business areas. However, those present were invited by Mr. Stanculescu to organize a study visit to the centers administered by Dăvalui to take over good practices, an invitation launched for both economic agents and the mayors of the debate.

A final conclusion in this debate was that it can! It takes a titanic effort to be made by public actors to motivate economic agents to venture into co-operation with the public domain in the context of periodic uncertainties, but the necessity and stringency of the challenge makes us all confident that we will overcome all obstacles to the good people!

We plan to publish all lists of available public places in the coming days to develop a possible concept of private elderly asylum in combination with private medical services (PPP or lease) where the tremendous potential for cooperation between family doctors’ centers or other medical institutions at the local level) with the involvement of economic agents offering under convenient bilateral conditions the access to modern infrastructure under the right conditions!
IDEP Moldova will publish the lists of locations in the coming days and will initiate discussions with the patrons of private elderly nursing homes in the region for possible cooperation with Moldovan APLs.

Among the speakers in the public debate were:
Natalia Petrea, mayor of Costesti, Ialoveni
Bruma Nicolae, LPA expert from IDEP Moldova
Elena Gherbovţan, Director of Employers’ Association of Medical Devices and Laboratory Equipment
Calestru Iurie, Director of IDEP Moldova
Gheorghe Railean, mayor of Cimislia
including economic agents
Representatives of the Chisinau Social Assistance Directorate
and many others.

Thank everyone for your involvement and support!