Debate on the Nistru River

Dear citizens,
The existence of one or another tourist, sports, recreation complex is determined by necessity. If we create interest, we will inform local decision-makers about necessity, there is a chance that some of us dreams of having a unique recreational area for the whole family will appear.
Please refer to other countries where there are so complex software-based investments and believe it is possible!
While parents are fishing or sitting at the beach, children have fun at the roller drom, climbing trees or boundering, then sailing by being guided along a trail set on a tourist path, sleeping in a camping area that also has a water table, and zone, in particular in the info centers there are also shops selling products necessary for hiking. Everyone who has children is sure to want to go with their children not only in the park, the cinema or the cinema, but also in hiking to develop their children’s behavioral skills under specific conditions, within the nature.
We aim to:
1. Discuss with our mayors (including Facebook live) of these 7 localities this complex project, create interest or disinterest.
2. According to the feedback of all to establish the mechanism of realization: Tasks — Feasibility Study — Public tender establishing a private partner — and in 12-24 months benefit!
3. We create a precedent for the new development mechanism at local and regional level.
Participation is free of charge, and registration is mandatory to ensure that everyone is provided with material, including all logistical moments.

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10 mai
Duration of the debate 14:00-15:15
the hotel
Chisinau, str. Pushkin 32
The number of seats is limited!
The record available here