Development framework of IDEP Moldova

IDEP Moldova following the cooperation with the mayoralties

To find that under the Sustainable Development Objectives
The most correct path is Public-Private Partnerships
In this regard, it has been proposed and achieved in the last 5 months
The conference on November 20 with over 100 guests and over 25 speakers
Developed several concepts of micro projects for the start
Discussed in primary format Moldova — Mayor Romania exchanges PPP radio practices
Organized press conference on the launch of the IDEP platform —
Invitation through platforms (such as, letters and emails html
On joining the PPP Moldova roadmap
Organized working groups for mayors from Moldova in Romania
Promotes information through national media relevant to PPPs
There has already been some legislative progress
Approval of the VAT return on capital investment
Inclusion in the core package of medical services covered CNAM treatment of cancer diseases
We invite you to change the future here at home,
Public-Private Partnerships provide people with access to modern infrastructure
Local Public Actors sustainable and efficient sustainable development solutions
Entrepreneurs new areas of sustainable activity