IDEP Moldova organized a visit to establish collaborative relations in the municipality of the city of Ramnicu

Today, IDEP Moldova organized a visit to establish collaboration relations in the municipality of Romania, for the mayors of Cantemir, Leova and Costeşti, Moldova. The topics of collaboration for the next period are the application of the 4 partner cities established as a result of today’s move to the MD-RO cross-border operational programme. At the same time, there have been discussions about the exchange of best practices in the field of Public-Private partner for motivating economic operators in the establishment and modernisation of infrastructure. A possibility to establish twinning between the participating cities of the Working Group has been established to discuss technical moments and opportunity. We thank you for the warm welcome of the entire collective of the city of Focşani and we hope to fructificam these beautiful initiatives in tangible concrete projects for the citizens of the 4 cities with a total population of about 75000 people.