Training of IDEP Moldova — Project Management Office (PMO)

Project Management Office (PMO) is a form of private business governance based on efficiency, a description of all processes, resources available, needs and opportunities. Time is the most expensive resource each organization has, the finance being just a mathematical formula, the best and most practical formula being provided by the Project Management Office model. Each team member becomes part of a whole process.

Decomposing each complex process into WBS (work breakdown structure) with hypotheses and resources

PMO MODELING for Feedback
Do not take presentations, gain competencies and constructive feedback from colleagues or trainers for your own PMO

Group work of up to 10 people ensures the atmosphere of a coaching with certified experts — a unique experience

Unable to form a business after the capitalist model with governance per moment, planning is the key to success

Finally, participants will be able to:
→ Identifies the activity congruity with the PMO
→ Steps required to switch to PMO
→ Forecasting changes to PMO
→ Establish justification for investment in the PMO

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