Presentation of the project of fitness, primary-entrepreneurs

On Friday, February 16, 2018, the IDEP headquarters took place the presentation of the design of the fitness room in Navirnet, Falesti. There is a repaired building of a school annex subject to the optimization process in which entrepreneurs could launch a business. Strengths:
1. There are at least 80 local people who go weekly in the city at a distance of 15 km to go to the fitness sections against payment.
2. The room is repaired and prepared in large part with minor investment for launching economic activity.
3. Locals are interested in harnessing this space and being able to enjoy a local fitness center.
4. With a minor investment, it is possible to validate the idea for replication and other localities.
5. The skill of people with a new local settlement mechanism for modern infrastructure.
6. The possibility of finding sustainable and effective use of the morally used equipment, but not physically whose utility in a competitive environment as in Chisinau does not cope.
The representatives of 2 fitness centers in the capital were meeting that showed interest in the project.
The project development method is: identifying challenges-presenting online challenges-presenting scenarios for solving economic agents-distributing information to all stakeholders (citizens, diaspora, associations of Business S.A.) -Public debate of the project according to the proposed scenario in the locality and transmitted live through Facebook for the possible intervention of all-the validation of the project implementation scenario (provocation) of all parties involved.

We expect you on March 13 online or live for public debate.