Opening a private nursing home in the locality, r. IALOVENI

The Institute for Development and expertise of projects in collaboration with the City Hall of Costeşti, Ialoveni R-E modeled the draft Public-private partnership on the basis of the business plan «opening an elderly asylum».

The draft public-private partnership was discussed, presented, to be publicly debated and approved at the local council.

IDEP organized the debate on the project «Opening a nursing home» with identified economic agents and social and medical professionals. But the project is to be publicly debated with the direct involvement of potential beneficiaries (inhabitants of Costeștii village, diaspora and other stakeholders) and economic agents.

We invite you to discuss and participate in transparent public debates (the broadcast will be done on-line on the official Facebook page of the city Hall and IDEP Moldova)

The public debates will take place on 27.02.2018, at 10:00 a.m., the headquarters of Costeşti, S. Costeşti, Ialoveni R.

For more details go to the following link: Elders Asylum