Modular Course in Project Management

The modular course in Project Management is aimed at all those who want to accumulate
Knowledge and skills in the field of project management. In particular, the course will focus on
Designing and implementing projects financed in both public and private areas.
The course will treat the methods of drafting a project and especially the managers ‘ techniques to
Ensure good control over the projects. It will be used as a case study of various projects that have
Obtained funding and whose results were as expected.
MODULAR Course Structure in Project Management:
-Funding opportunities for projects
-Defining concepts
-The content of a project: purpose; Objectives; Activities; Target groups; Showing; Budget;
Indicators; Monitoring; Assessment
-Planning a Project
-Contracting and subcontracting-public procurement
-The structure of the financing contract
-The human resources of the project
-plan/Schedule of project activities
-Project budget

-Monitoring, reporting and evaluation of the project
-Project Manager Responsibilities
-Implementation of a project
-Project Management cycle
-Project Team
-Risk Management
-Time Management

Period: 14-21-28 (Remote for expertise) March 2018
Range: 10:00-16:00
Location: IDEP headquarters, Mun. Chisinau, 24/1 M. Kogălniceanu str. (between Bulgarian and Armenian Str.)
Price: 1800 lei up to 28 February
2300 Lei until 7th March
2800 Lei until 13 March
Contact: 022271313 or e-mail address [email protected]