IDEP Moldova assists public actors

IDEP Moldova assists public actors:
-To describe
-To present
-To debate
Challenges of public actors

Space-for private local market
Building-for old private asylum
Park-for recreation Area (gazebos etc.)
Stadium-for privately arranged stadium
Free cabinets-for private medical services
House of Culture-social services
Picturesque area-sights
Optimised schools-Fitness, private asylum, etc.
Stop-public transport waiting station with shops
Attractive terrain-ground floor public sports center and Rest of the living block

And many challenges at local or regional level
Entrepreneurs are interested in new business,
New markets, lack of competitors, sustainable business,
IDEP is a resource and information Center for public actors and entrepreneurs
For the link between challenges

With their public presentation
and economic agents who may be involved
For common benefit

Citizens-Modern infrastructure
Public actors-challenges transformed into opportunities
Entrepreneurs-Innovative and sustainable business.

Identify the challenge
We describe it and publish it transparently on
We organize debates transmitted directly via Facebook
We invite you to participate in the benefit of the common U
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