Promoting Public-Private Partnership in Moldova

Access to Modern Infrastructure through Public Private Partnership projects.

Every Thursday in the show between Yes and We are not discussing a concrete possible Public-Private Partnership project that can be done in a certain location. Broadcasting Cycle Access to Modern Infrastructure through Public-Private Partnerships is being carried out in partnership with IDEP Moldova and will include IDEP experts, potential and possible developers of these projects. Follow us weekly on EcoFM and starting at 9 am. Together towards a prosperous future.

Workshop ziua 3- Continuarea dezvoltarii proiectelor initiate din data de 15 ianuarie privind Plan de afacere PPP.
Calestru Iurie - IDEP Moldova Director, Natalia Petrea - Mayor of Costesti village Ialoveni, Emanuel Stănculescu - president The Age Association - Vârste Târgovişte Residential Center, Dâmboviţa