Workshop «Modeling the Public-Private Partnership Project on the basis of the Business Plan»

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is a public management tool designed to deliver projects of public interest, public service development and public infrastructure.

The program gives you the tools to initiate and develop a Public-Private Partnership project.

You will not receive diplomas or other entries! You will get the opportunity to set the opportunities for the project through the Public-Private Partnerships mechanism with clear interests for the public and private actors.

The purpose of this workshop is to familiarize with the PPP project implementation mechanism with transformation based on the experience gained in the workshop on local challenges in PPP projects. Each project developed within the workshop will be placed on the civic platform to invite for discussion or get support from those interested.

The success of PPP projects depends on several factors, among which the most important are:

1) the existence of an adequate regulatory framework;

2) the existence of an adequate institutional framework;

3) the capacity of authorities to implement PPP projects;

4) a developed private sector.

The workshop will be attended by 4 experts as moderators: Expert PPP from IDEP Moldova, Expert Business Plans, Practitioner with practical experience in concrete PPP project in Moldova in progress, IT Specialist from IDEP Moldova (for to transform the project into the proposal for cooperation with the private environment). At the same time, we launched the official invitation to participate and the representatives of the Public Property Agency (the institution responsible for the implementation of PPPs in Moldova) in the framework of the workshops organized by IDEP Moldova.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will develop his individual project and be able to place it on the PPP Moldova platform (example at The person delegated by the LPA (even an economic agent) must be able to obtain the information (data) required for the developed PPP project.

Theme of the workshop:

1 day of PPP project modeling

2 days Structuring the PPP Business Plan

3 days Finalization of PPP project / feasibility project mechanism

4 days Plan expertise and suggestions

Who is it?

The workshop is addressed to Local Public Administrations and to economic agents wishing to carry out a concrete PPP project. If they want to acquire knowledge and skills in Public-Private Partnerships. The workshop addresses both private sector representatives and the public sector.

As a result of participating in this Public-Private Partnership Modeling Workshop on the basis of the Business Plan, you will acquire the following skills:

1. Initiate a correct PPP project;

2. Identify in the future the right partners or investors and the clear benefit of the actors involved;

3. Develop the budget;

4. Manage monitoring, evaluation and reporting indicators;

5. Procurement procedures for the PPP project;

6. Risk management of PPP projects;

7. PPP project team management;

8. Communication management within the PPP project;

9. Quality management of the PPP project;

10. Cooperate with colleagues interested in the same subject.

The workshop attendee who attended less than 80% of its duration and did not prepare the necessary materials is excluded from the workshop.

The participation fee is 3800 lei, which includes:

WORKSHOP Modeling the Public-Private Partnership Project on the basis of the Business Plan

The first group is on

January 15 — 1 day

January 22 — Day 2

January 29 — 3 days

February 5 — project expertise and placement on platform

Time-09: 00-16: 00



Here’s what you get by participating in the PPP course

1. The ability to develop a mentor business plan

2. Understanding the concept and legal framework of PPPs;

3. The development of the respective documentation serves the solid basis of pre-feasibility study for the Public Property Agency.

Online signups
For additional e-mail details [email protected] or 022271313.