On November 20th was held the Conference on Improving the Climate of PPPs in Moldova, organized by IDEP Moldova under the program «Funds for Moldovan APLs».

It was a practical event in which three possible projects to be replicated in the country were presented, namely:

1. Pelivan regional agro-industrial complex;

2. Tourist cluster developed for 7 localities in Anenii Noi;

3. Public transport waiting station Cricova city.

At the same time, there were also representatives of the PPP projects already implemented in the country that were among the PPP debut projects in Moldova, from which the participants could learn constructive feedback. A practical day during which we exposed possible projects, we had the part from the employers’ organizations and contributed to creating the interest for PPPs as a regional development tool.

All the materials exhibited at the Conference are displayed on the www.pppmoldova.org platform.

We invite you to join the PPP Moldova Roadmap working group, project promoters, PPP tenderers or even partners. The principle applied to the 7 cluster cities may and should be applied by the parties involved in the regional development process.

We would like to thank all speakers and participants at the PPP Climate Improvement Conference in Moldova, organized by IDEP Moldova under the program «Funds for Moldovan APLs».
His Excellency, Ambassador of Romania to Moldova Daniel Ionita,
EBRD ASB Moldova, Moldova National Manager, — Veronica ARPINTIN,
Town Hall Ungheni, mayor, Alexandru AMBROS,
Mayor Cricova, Gutan Valentin,
Pelivan Town Hall Mayor Ion GAMARŢ,
Orhei District Speaker GOLUB Tudor,
Public Property Agency of RM, Deputy Head of PPP Directorate, BEŞLIU Viorica,
Responsible Business Generation, founder, Viorica CERBUSCA,
Employers Association Union of Carriers and Drumars from Republic of Moldova, deputy director, Tudor Rusu,
Union of Private Medical and Sanitary Institutions of the Republic of Moldova, president, Olga ŞCHIOPU,
Anenii Noi Hospital, director, Nicolae Usatii,
Euromed Diagnostic, jurist, Marina GROSU,
Tourism Development Association in Moldova, president, Viorel MIRON,
Tourism Agency of Moldova, Head of Tourism Development and Marketing Victor CIOBANU,
The Employers’ Association of the Tourism Industry of the Republic of Moldova — APIT, president, Gabriel MĂRGINEANU,
Moldova Tourism Promotion Federation, president, Alexandru FILIPSCHI,
Town Hall Teliţa, mayor, Rodica RUSU,
Calfa City Hall, mayor, Ceaglic Ludmila,
Foreign Investors Association, director Ana GROZA,
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, president, Sergiu HAREA,
Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova (CALM), vice-director, Alexei BUSUIOC,
Technology Transfer Innovation Agency, Assistant Coordinator of Technology Transfer Section, Alina BREGNOVA,
Business Advice Center, President Anatol PALADE,
Flower of Cireş, director, Sergiu GURĂU.

Thanks to the Idep Moldova team and we hope together to create a favorable climate for the realization of PPPs in Moldova for sustainable jobs and the access of the population to modern infrastructure! Infrastructure is not a luxury, it is a service that can and must be procured from the private operator that is dynamic, modern and efficient!

Thank you and We are waiting for you on www.pppmoldova.org