Press conference. «Funds for Moldovan APLs»

Today, a press conference on improving the climate of PPPs in Moldova was held within the framework of IDEP Moldova Program «Funds for Moldovan APLs».

IDEP Moldova invites You to invite you to a press conference
Improving the climate of PPPs in Moldova within the program developed by IDEP Moldova «Funds for Moldovan APLs»

On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, Info Prim Neo (IPN) will hold a press conference on improving the climate of PPPs in Moldova, as part of IDEP Moldova’s program «Funds for Moldovan APLs».
The program aims to create the premises to attract funds for local and regional challenges.

Please note that access to the event is free of charge, for additional information contact our phone numbers (022) 271313 or visit
Speakers at the press conference:
Calerul Iurie, IDEP Moldova
Natalia Petrea, mayor of Costesti
Busuioc Alexei, CALM Vice President
Danu Valentin, Mayor of Loganesti, Hincesti
Rodica Rusu, Mayor of Telita
Liliana Brehova, mayor of Gura Bicului, Anenii Noi

Recall in the framework of the Program developed by IDEP Moldova in 2013, the following events took place:
1. Organizing 3 forums (national, regional and international) in order to create interest and cooperation between mayors for joint projects;
2. Modular seminars for the development of projects with reimbursable and non-reimbursable financing for more than 200 mayors in the country;
3. Developed strategic partnerships with Euroregions in the country with which the country’s public administrations have created partnerships for various local and cross-border development projects;
4. Organized training during 2013-2015 on Public-Private Partnerships with the participation of over 120 mayors in the country;
5. Carried out 3 national researches on local and regional challenges for LPAs for subsequent regionalization;
6. Developed the Performance Identification Tool (KPI) of APLs;
7. Presenting a civic initiative for establishing the position of Project Manager and attracting investment in every LPA in Moldova; which was discussed in the parliamentary committee (January 22, 2013) with the answer that it is within the competence of the LPAs within the available budget, with no extra unit;
8. Theoretical and practical seminars in collaboration with EcoRazeni on Social Entrepreneurship with the representatives of APL in the country, especially mayors;
9. Expertise over 200 projects to be subsequently submitted for funding (grant, credit or PPP);
10.Expertise the Socio-Economic Development Strategies of the localities in over 120 localities in the country;