Information seminar under the generic «Opportunities, Responsibilities and Risks for LPAs in the process of approaching the EU» «

The Institute for Project Development and Expertise finalized the annual seminar session that took place between 03.09.2014- 03.10.2014 under the heading «Opportunities, Responsibilities and Risks for LPAs in the process of approaching the EU».
More than 200 Civil Servants from Local Public Administrations were registered in these seminars.
The aim is to create and adjust the regulatory framework to the needs of sustainable development of LPAs / attracting the necessary investment volume
During the seminar the participants were informed about:
• Typology of funds and their benefits
• Fulfill the conditions and criteria of maximum eligibility to access available or prospective funds
• Causes of the low percentage of the absorption rate of European funds and how they can be avoided
• Examples of repayable / non-reimbursable funds from the Republic of Moldova that have brought and can bring benefits to local authorities for sustainable development of the locality
• Steps for increased absorption of these funds and professional training of responsible staff (project managers)
It is worth mentioning that an informative and practically important information support was presented for the activities of the Local Public Administration and the investment attraction system.
The Institute for Project Development and Expertise focuses on developing the system of attracting investment and preventing budget deficit.
The general purpose of the Institute’s activity: to establish a clear link that the need to establish a Socio-Economic Development Strategy is inevitable for attracting non-reimbursable funds, improving the coordination of activities with other colleagues who may be involved in joint projects, thus attracting financial resources depending on needs and possibilities.

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