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Expertise of the Socio-Economic Development Plans of the Republics of Moldova

Over the past 5 months IDEP experts have conducted expertise on 44 Socio-Economic Development Plans (PDSE) developed by Succes Consulting SRL for Moldovan communes. As a result of the PDSE expertise on various compartments, an appreciation was given in a final report on the quality of PDSE development at key compartments.
First of all, a preliminary assessment was made of the process of elaboration of PDSE, which requires obtaining the expected result after all the stages of elaboration of PDSE. The expert report includes a distinct compartment for assessing the quality of the process of diagnosing the current situation in the locality. First of all, he reiterated the scope of diagnosis of all areas of development of the commune, and last but not least, the identification of major problems with their subsequent prioritization.
Through the PDSE expertise, it is first and foremost appreciation of the degree of correspondence between actions and projects in the action plan with the realities of the commune discovered in the diagnostic stages, as well as with the strategies approved at the district, regional and republican level on the issues solved.
IDSE’s PDSE expertise also has its specificity, focusing on the sustainable development of localities through a coherent cohesion between the medium, social and economic areas. A special emphasis in the expertise is placed on the economic and entrepreneurial domain, being regarded as the successful solution for the foundation of a sustainable development of the commune.

Images of successful projects found at the development and expertise stage of the PDSE

Photo 1. The cultural house in the village of Mitoc, Orhei rayon

Photo 2, 3. The renovated edifice of the Mayor’s Office in Mereşeni, Hincesti district

Photo 4. The Multifunctional Community Center from Şişcani commune, Nisporeni district

Photo 5. Renovated Gymnasium building in Şişcani commune, Nisporeni district

Photo 6, 7. Wastewater treatment plant in Negrea village, Hincesti district

Photo 8. Mine fountain arranged in Grinăuţi-Moldova commune, Ocniţa rayon

Foto 9. Zonă de odihnă bine amenajată în s. Fîrlădeni, r. nul Hînceşti

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