IDEP International Forum Funds for APLs

The Institute for Development and Project Expertise, organized the International Forum of the APL Funds Program with more than 230 participants.
Forum participants:
— Mayors and APL representatives Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Macedonia, Russia, Sweden, Poland, France, Italy, United Kingdom
— Representatives of the diplomatic missions
— Representatives of international organizations and foundations
— Media partners
— Presentation of Virtual Maps «Moldova. Problems and Solutions
— Providing an efficient public administration model at the local level
— Launching the IDEP Performance Scorecard: KPILPA1IDEP
— Presentation of Euroregions (Nistru, Lower Danube and Siret-Prut-Nistru)
— Ability to establish contacts with other APLs and support organizations from other countries present at the event
— Providing a complex management system for LPAs, such as the environment, the efficiency of LPA integration processes, and energy efficiency as a complex of measures
The Forum was opened by the Mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca, Representative of the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova and Iurie Caleru, President IDEP.IDEP brings sincere thanks to all participants to the Forum and will inform the audience about the results of this activity in the shortest time.

Forumul International IDEP Fonduri pentru APL-uri
IDEP deschide înregistrarea la ”Fonduri pentru APL-uri”