IDEP signs a new memorandum of cooperation

Today, 13 August 2013, the ceremony for signing the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Institute for Project Development and Expertise and the Non-Commercial Organization «European Agency for Economic Research Reconstruction and Development» (EAERRD) took place in IDEP headquarters, Chisinau the city of Tiraspol.

The agreement was signed by IDEP President Iurie Calestru and EAERRD Director Nicolai Malishev.

The Memorandum stipulates that the parties have reached an agreement on the necessity of establishing mutually beneficial cooperation for the implementation of regional and cross-border programs and projects, conducting consultations on the issue of the Public-Private Partnership, promoting cooperation between different localities of Moldova, Gagauz Autonomy and the Transnistrian region, and, if necessary, with neighboring countries, including for attracting funds for the social, economic and cultural development of the regions.

At the same time, the parties exchanged views on issues of common interest, presented information on different aspects of the activity, achieved results and established prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation for the future.