UA-MD-RO Regional Forum

The Institute for Development and Project Expertise, organized the Ukraine-Moldova-Romania Regional Forum within the framework of the program for Moldovan APLs, amp; amp; quot; with the presence of over 230 participants.
Forum participants:
-Primaries and representatives of the mayoralties of Moldova, Ukraine and Romania
-Representatives of diplomatic missions
-Representatives of international organizations and foundations
-Partners of the media
-Creating a community of MD-RO-UA mayors for joint projects
-Information of mayors about the success of other regions and countries
-Information on inter-regional projects
-To establish contacts with active municipalities
-Comparations with the situation of other states
-The availability of international organizations.
IDEP would like to thank all participants to the Forum and will inform the audience about the results of this activity in the shortest possible time.

The forum was opened by:
1. Corneliu Hamza, vice-president of Galati County
2. Vladimir Merejko, director of the Nistru Euroregion
3. Iurie Calestru, IDEP President, Member of the IDEP Management Board
4. Sergiu Cobuscean, Member of the Board of Directors of IDEP